Photos taken in various zoos, including Chester Zoo, England and Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.

Black Rhino

A black rhino in the rain at Chester Zoo.


A young sitatunga at Chester Zoo.

Mother and Child

Sumatran Orangutans at Chester Zoo.

Fighting Meerkats

Two meerkats play-fighting at Chester Zoo.

Spider Monkey

A colombian spider monkey leaps from a tree at Chester Zoo.

African Painted Dog

One of the pack of African Painted Dogs at Chester Zoo, taken in August 2013.

Hawk Owl

A lordly hawk owl at Chester Zoo.


A wolf at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

Meerkat and Shadow

A meerkat stands in the sunshine of an October morning in Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

Llama in Autumn

A llama amongst the autumn foliage in Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

Sleeping Wolf

A wolf dozes at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.


Chester Zoo's male asiatic lion, Iblis.

Looking Up

A meerkat watches the skies at Chester Zoo.


Meerkats at Chester Zoo waiting for a rain shower to end.